Help us expand the message of freedom and sound economic principles!


On November 5th 2011 was launched Instituto Mises Hispano – the only 100% Austro-libertarian think tank in Spanish.

We started out with a small team, a small budget, but a big goal – to become a reference point for Austrian Economics and libertarianism in the Spanish speaking world.

Now, more than 3 years later, the team has grown to include many amazing people from all over the world that share our vision, and we are on our way to reaching our goal. Our visitor numbers have tripled since the start, and we have a much greater social media presence. Up to now all of this has been accomplished by volunteers donating their time and effort.

We have published more than 2000 articles, more than 250 videos, as well as 25 entire books.

All of this content has been made available online, completely for free. To read, download, and share.

Now, for first time we need your help if we are to continue to grow.

Please consider donating to this great cause. Any sums, big or small, are welcome.

If you value what we do, donate now and help us expand the message of freedom and sound economic principles!


Mises Hispano’s Staff

Note: If instead of crowdfunding by Indiegogo you want to make your contribution through PayPal, Bitcoin, or bank transfer, write us and we will send you more data.

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